Below are some glowing testimonials from our workshops.
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I really liked the writing workshop at Heath Hayes Library as Lindsey led you through the stages and made sure you undersood about what she was saying. It certainly helped me to understand that you can do a story any way you want with poetry or nearly anything. After going to the workshop, I was also inspired by Lindsey's book so decided to start writing my own and it didn't take me very long to think up a story line, since I was going back to what Lindsey had told me that exact same day. I will definitely come to a lot more of the workshops. Thank you Lindsey for inspiring me. Xx

Aimee - Aged 10

Please can I say a massive thanks for all the hard work you put into the Awesome Authors sessions. The feedback we had for the workshops was amazing. It was a real pleasure to work with you. If we ever need any more interactive writing workshops I will certainly be in touch.

A.Mayer, BBC learning

It definitely makes me feel more confident about writing when I go up to high school. Thank you!

Year 6 pupil, Walsall Arboretum Summer activities workshop, West Midlands

Lindsey has a genuine passion and love for what she is doing and to see her in action in a room full of children and hear what the children say afterwards is extremely rewarding as an organiser, both personally and professionally. I wouldn't hesitate in bringing Lindsey on board for any future projects here in Walsall Arboretum.

Mark Hopson, Marketing & events coordinator, Walsall Arboretum

Brilliant stories, brilliant workshop!

EYFS teacher, Djanogly Primary School, Nottingham

I really enjoyed Story Chefs as we unleashed our imaginations and cooked up delicious stories. I think this was a great opportunity to increase my confidence for reading out loud.

Year 6 pupil, Parkfield Primary School, Birmingham

Can Story Chefs come here every week?

Year 5 pupil, Parkfield Primary School, Birmingham

As literacy co-ordinator, I was glad to receive the offer from you to support our higher achieving pupil premium children. The children clearly enjoyed being involved in a focussed group. They also enjoyed working in a stimulating environment (an area decorated as a submarine). You took the environment which you were given and used it to make the children excited about writing. The children clearly enjoyed their work with you. They went back to class excited about what they had achieved. As a school, we really like what you have done, and would gladly welcome you back to work with other children.

Year 6 teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator, Parkfield Primary School, Birmingham

I had no idea it was going to be this much fun!

Year 6 pupil, Hill West Primary School, Sutton Coldfield

From the initial meeting through to the day of the workshop, Lindsey from Story Chefs planned and organised personalised activities for the children in Y6. Her thorough approach ensured that all children were motivated, inspired and excited to produce their own story- even children who are often disengaged by writing. The children still discuss their stories and how much they enjoyed the day.

Literacy Co-ordinator, Hill West Primary School, Sutton Coldfield

I enjoyed Story Chefs because it was fun and helped me a lot with my writing.

Year 4 pupil, Penns Primary School, Sutton Coldfield

Her work with the class was informative and thought provoking. The series of lessons were well structured; building up the elements of successful story writing with the class and leading to a final extended story. The class enjoyed the lessons greatly and were very animated and excited about their writing. As an experienced teacher as well as a writer, Lindsey was able to manage a lively class and channel their energies into the writing process.

Year 4 teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator, Penns Primary School, Sutton Coldfield

Lindsey worked with my class of Year fours engaging them in writing about World War 1 over a series of lessons. I was impressed with the depth at which Lindsey had researched the topic; her weekly presentations to the class really brought the period to life and made it accessible to such young children without trivialising the serious subject matter.


Thank you for teaching us how to be good writers!

Year 4 pupil, Penns Primary School, Sutton Coldfield