Why choose us?

Story Chefs is an innovative and fun company promoting reading and writing for pleasure.

The workshops are designed and delivered by Lindsey Bailey who has 9 years' class teacher experience, is DBS checked and has public liability insurance for all events.


All workshops are flexible and can be tailored to curriculum themes or celebration days such as Roald Dahl Day, World Book Day etc. During the workshops, students are invited to immerse themselves in an interactive story writing experience.

A note from the founder, Lindsey Bailey

Story Chefs has been created to spread one message: reading and writing can be fun and both have the power to change lives.

In my role as a primary school teacher, I always looked for ways to encourage a love of literature. I began to offer creative writing enrichment workshops as an addition to the traditional text-based teaching strategy and soon the Story Chefs' flame was ignited.

The focus of Story Chefs is creativity and imaginative play. During the workshops students hone the writing skills they already have, pick up new ones in their favoured learning style and most important of all, fill up their recipe book with hints and tips for successful story writing.

The idea has evolved over the last three years into what Story Chefs is today - an educational and student-led experience where participants plan a fictional story from initial idea to first draft, and all whilst having fun!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to meet you soon,

Lindsey Bailey

A taster of what to expect from a workshop using an existing environment!

An inspirational mural in the depths of Parkfield Primary, Birmingham took students under the sea in a submarine! The children were intrigued by a mysterious note pinned to the wall of the submarine and let their imaginations flow to create all sorts of underwater adventures!