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All workshops for children and young people are linked to 2014 National Curriculum objectives

Master Chefs - Creative Writing Classes for Adults

Creative Writing Classes for Adults

Starting Monday 2nd July 2018, 7pm - 9pm

Every Monday for 5 weeks at Five Ways Inn, Heath Hayes, Staffordshire

Come along with your pen and a notebook to join us for some creative fun!

£119 per person for 5 sessions (Early Bird offer £105)

To secure your place, call/text Lindsey on 07769 180 487 or email

"This course has helped me no end. I can use all of the ideas when I go through what I've already written and as I continue to write. My confidence has risen to keep going with it!"

- Rosie D, Jan 2018

Limited spaces available

Pop-up Saturday Workshop!

The Fiction Kitchen is coming to Cannock Library!

Got 7 - 11 year olds who like writing stories? Always telling them they've got wild imaginations?

Then this is the workshop for them!

Bring them along to cook up some tasty tales at Cannock library (WS11 1AA) on Saturday 9th June, 2pm - 3:30pm

All they need to bring along is a notebook, a pen and their vivid imagination!

£7 per child.

To book or for more information, Call/text Lindsey on 07769 180 487 or email

The Recipe for a Soup-er Story

This workshop is a comprehensive and interactive story writing experience, jam-packed with guidance from the Story Chefs. Students will immerse themselves in a fictional world of their own imagining. They will work on creating a protagonist, writing a vivid setting description, dishing out dilemmas and sprinkling their story with ambitious words. This workshop incorporates the key features of storytelling from initial idea to first draft and ends with a pinch of performance tips.

Carrie Creates Characters

This workshop focusses on character development. Students will learn how to see the world from their fictional character's point of view. Chef Carrie helps students to create their characters with thought provoking questions such as What does you character dream of? and What do they do on a Monday morning? She then provides the recipe to ensure that students end the workshop with a fully rounded protagonist.

Naveen Sets the Scene

During this workshop, students will step into a story world of their very own making and use their senses to explore its features. Chef Naveen provides the skeleton of a variety of settings and can even hand out objects for the students to place into their imagined worlds. He then provides the recipe to ensure students end the workshop with a setting description that readers will want to feast their eyes on.

Emma Dishes out Dilemmas

This workshop encourages students to pack their story full with exciting fillings, or delicious dilemmas as Chef Emma calls them. The students will work on an 'Uh-oh!' moment where the main character has got a tough decision to make and Chef Emma encourages the students to be as imaginative and creative as possible. She then provides the recipe to ensure that the students end the workshop with a dish full of dilemmas for their future story writing.

Will's Wholesome Words

During this workshop, students will learn how to improve their stories by exploring a crucial ingredient in any tasty tale: vocabulary. Chef Will provides word play games and activities such as Discovering Dictionaries and Thesaurus Thumbing to season a story for maximum reader enjoyment. He then provides the recipe to ensure that students have the confidence to sprinkle their previously written stories, and all future creative writing, with ambitious vocabulary.

The Poetry Twins

This workshop celebrates all things poetry whilst also aiming to challenge any preconceptions students may have about reading and writing poems. The Poetry twins AKA P.J. and Poppy bring all the ingredients students need to cook up their own creations from onomatopoeias to similes all the way through to rap rhymes! They then provide the recipe to ensure that students end the workshop as proud owners of their very own poetic piece.

Ten MInute Tales - Mini workshops with the Story Chefs

Following a successful debut at the Hednesford Summer Festival, we are pleased to now offer 'Ten Minute Tales' to our menu for all events such as festivals, fetes, birthday parties, Christmas fayres etc.

These mini workshops work on a drop-in basis and offer families the chance to cook up stories together in no time at all. Participants help themselves to ingredients on offer from the Fiction Kitchen buffet and then mix it all together to concoct a tasty tale!

For more information or to book Story Chefs at your event, email